Anne Bonny

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Anne Bonny the Pirate
Anne Bonny - Pirate (c1700 - Unknown)

Anne Bonny is famous as one of few women to become pirates. Said to be as tough and fearless as any pirate, she stood alongside her shipmates in many a battle. In recent times she has appeared as a character in an Assassins Creed video game, and the US TV series Black Sails.

This page details facts about Anne Bonny's life and the events that shaped her history.

Anne Bonny the Pirate - Fun Facts for Kids !
Anne Bonny Fact   1: She was born illegitimately, as Anne Cormac, to her father's maid near Cork in Ireland around 1700.
Anne Bonny Fact   2: Her father was disinherited in favour of his wife, however his wife gave him an allowance.
Anne Bonny Fact   3: She was brought to live with her father who dressed her as a boy to fool his wife, who knew he had a daughter, and secure the allowance.
Anne Bonny Fact   4: This deception worked for a while, however his wife went on to discover that Anne was a girl and stopped the allowance.
Anne Bonny Fact   5: Her father was so angry that he brought her mother to live openly with them.
Anne Bonny Fact   6: This action resulted in the collapse of her father's law practice, causing the family to leave Ireland and travel to Carolina.
Anne Bonny Fact   7: In Carolina, her father became successful, and when her mother died, she took over as his housekeeper.
Anne Bonny Fact   8: Anne Bonny was tough and is said to have dealt severely with a man who made unwelcome advances towards her.
Anne Bonny Fact   9: Anne, who's maiden name was Cormac, married a sailor John Bonny against her father's will and was thrown out of his house.
Anne Bonny Fact 10: John and Anne travelled to Providence in search of work.
Calico Jack the Pirate Anne Bonny Fact 11: While in Providence, she met John 'Calico Jack' Rackham, the pirate, who began courting her.
Anne Bonny Fact 12: She left her husband and eloped to sea with Calico Jack Rackham.
Anne Bonny Fact 13: When she became pregnant, Anne was sent to Cuba until she gave birth. She then returned to Rackham.
Anne Bonny Fact 14: Anne Bonny was a formidable pirate who fought and drank as well as, if not better than, the male pirates.
Anne Bonny Fact 15: When she fought, she dressed as a man.

Picture of Calico Jack the Pirate

Anne Bonny Fact 16: When their ship was finally taken in November 1720, Anne, alongside Mary Read and another crew member, were all that stayed on the deck to fight.
Anne Bonny Fact 17: After her capture she was convicted of piracy and sentenced to hang, however she escaped execution as she was pregnant.
Anne Bonny Fact 18:

Calico Jack Rackham visited her before his execution. She was said to have told him that she was sorry to see him there, but if he'd fought like a man he need not have been hanged like a dog.

Anne Bonny Fact 19:

She was kept in jail until she gave birth. What happened after was never recorded, however she was definitely not executed. Popular belief is that her father used his influence to have her freed. She then started a new life and died at the age of 82, but this is pure speculation.

Blackbeard the Pirate
Anne Bonny Fact 20:

Anne Bonny, along with Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack, Mary Read and Charles Vane, has been included as a character in the popular video game Assassins Creed IV, Black Flag. She has also been fictionalised in the TV series Black Sails, which was released in the United States in 2014. The series was created as a prequel to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson and is set approximately 20 years earlier.


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Anne Bonny the Pirate (c1700 - Unknown) Fun Facts Info for Kids !

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