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Famous Explorers - Throughout History

Man has been exploring almost as long as he's existed. From the early movements of prehistoric man to the sailors of the 16th century and on to the astronauts of the 20th Century. From the exploration of America (the New World), to the depths of the seas and even to the Moon and Mars,  exploration continues to fascinate us and increase our knowledge in equal measure.

Facts about some of the more famous explorers can be found below.

Famous Explorers - Fast Fun Facts for Kids !
Famous Explorer   1:Neil Armstrong - Born 1930 - died 2012. Famous for being the first man to set foot on the moon. More Facts about Neil Armstrong the Astronaut & Explorer
Famous Explorer   2:Vasco Nunez de Balboa - Born c1475 - died 1519. The first European to lead an expedition, via the New World, to see the Pacific Ocean. More Facts about Vasco Nunez de Balboa the Explorer
Famous Explorer   3:Daniel Boone - Born 1734 - died 1820. Famous for exploring, and establishing the first settlement in, Kentucky. More Facts about Daniel Boone the Frontiersman and Explorer
Famous Explorer   4:John Cabot - Born c1450 - died c1500. The second European (After Columbus) to find North America. More Facts about John Cabot the Explorer
Famous Explorer   5:Jacques Cartier - Born 1491 - died 1557. Famous for his exploration of the St. Lawrence River and naming Canada. More Facts about Jacques Cartier the Explorer
Famous Explorer   6:William Clark - Born 1770 - died 1838. Co-Leader of the 'Lewis and Clark Expedition'. More Facts about William Clark the Explorer
Famous Explorer   7:Christopher Columbus - Born 1451 - died 1506. Famous for his expeditions to the New World in 1492. More Facts about Christopher Columbus the Explorer
Famous Explorer   8:James Cook - Born 1728 - died 1779. The English explorer famous for his exploration of  the east coast of Australia. More Facts about James Cook the Explorer
Famous Explorer   9:Hernan Cortes - Born 1485 - died 1547. The Spanish Explorer and Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs. More Facts about Hernan Cortes the Explorer
Famous Explorer 10:Francis Drake - Born c1540/4 - died 1596. The first Englishman to circumnavigate the world. More Facts about Sir Francis Drake the Explorer
Famous Explorer 11:Leif Erikson: Born c970 - died c1020. Famous for being the first European to visit America. More Facts about Leif Erikson the Explorer
Famous Explorer 12:Martin Frobisher: Born c1535/9 - died 1594. Famous for his exploration of the Labrador Coast and discovering Frobisher Bay. More Facts about Sir Martin Frobisher the Explorer
Famous Explorer 13:Yuri Gagarin - Born 1934 - died 1968. The first human to travel into outer space and orbit the Earth. More Facts about Yuri Gagarin the Cosmonaut and Explorer
Famous Explorer 14:Vasco da Gama - Born c1460 - died 1524. The first European to reach India by Sea. More Facts about Vasco da Gama the Explorer
Famous Explorer 15:Humphrey Gilbert - Born c1539 - died 1583. Famous for his thesis on the existence of the fabled North West Passage. More Facts about Sir Humphrey Gilbert the Explorer
Famous Explorer 16:Richard Hawkins - Born c1562 - died 1622. Famous for his written description of his expedition in 1593. More Facts about Sir Richard Hawkins the Explorer
Famous Explorer 17:Henry Hudson - Born c1565 - died 1611. The English explorer who discovered the strait and the bay which now bear his name. More Facts about Henry Hudson the Explorer
Famous Explorer 18:Louis Joliet - Born 1645 - died 1700. The Canadian explorer who headed an expedition to explore the Mississippi River. More Facts about Louis Joliet the Explorer
Famous Explorer 19:Juan Ponce de Leon - Born c1460/74 – died July 1521. Famous for being the first European to land in Florida. More facts about Juan Ponce de Leon the Conquistador & Explorer
Famous Explorer 20:Meriwether Lewis - Born 1774 - died 1809. Leader of the ‘Lewis & Clark Expedition’. More Facts about Meriwether Lewis the Explorer
Famous Explorer 21:David Livingstone - Born 1813 - died 1873. A Scottish explorer famous for his exploration of Africa. More Facts about David Livingstone the Explorer
Famous Explorer 22:Ferdinand Magellan - Born 1480 - died 1521. A prominent member of the expedition that led to the first circumnavigation of the world. More Facts about Ferdinand Magellan the Explorer
Famous Explorer 23:Marco Polo - Born c1254 - died 1324. Famous for the record of his travels throughout Asia and China. More Facts about Marco Polo the Explorer
Famous Explorer 24:Francisco Pizarro - Born c1471/6 – died 1541. Famous for conquering the Incan
Empire and founding Lima. More facts about Francisco Pizarro the Conquistador & Explorer
Famous Explorer 25:Sir Walter Raleigh - Born c1552 - died 1618. Famous for being a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I and starting the first English settlement in America. More Facts about Sir Walter Raleigh the Explorer
Famous Explorer 26:Sacagawea - Born c1788 - died 1812. A member of the ‘Lewis & Clark Expedition’. More Facts about Sacagawea the Explorer
Famous Explorer 27:Robert Falcon Scott - Born 1868 - died 1912. Famous for his expeditions to Antarctica. More Facts about Robert Falcon Scott the Explorer
Famous Explorer 28:Hernando de Soto - Born c1496 - died 1542. A Spanish explorer who became the first European to cross the Mississippi River. More Facts about Hernando de Soto the Explorer
Famous Explorer 29:Abel Tasman - Born 1603 - died 1659 A Dutch explorer who became the first European to see the South Island of New Zealand. More Facts about Abel Tasman the Explorer
Famous Explorer 30:Giovanni da Verrazzano - Born 1485 - died 1528. An Italian born explorer who discovered present day New York. More Facts about Giovanni da Verrazzano the Explorer
Famous Explorer 31:Amerigo Vespucci - Born 1454 - died 1512. An Italian explorer whose exploration of South America resulted in it being named after him. More Facts about Amerigo Vespucci the Explorer
Famous Explorers - Fun Facts Info for Kids !

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